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Serving static content


For software supply chain updates it is crucial that security updates are highly available, for business speed means better ranking in search engines Static websites store already-rendered content and could be replicated to many endpoints making it more resilient against DDOS attacks.


Alpine packages

From a security aspect, this is good since no user experience is required for serving images. No need for Javascript downloaded from external sites. In order

Supply chain scope URL Comment
Alpine packages from Internet With SLSA it may be a alternative
Mirror of public repository It is good practice to keep a local copy
Rebuild packages in a air-gapped environment Analyze source code , including patches
Customized and hardened packages Long time support


This website is generated by Hugo and reads two directories, the content holds markdown and static images. With Hugo comes a rich selection of themes that could be used for customization. Some themes make extensive use of Javascript and some of them download libraries from external sites during runtime. This site use the Hugo techdoc theme.
Javascript libraries used in themes must be checked for vulnerabilities and expired versions


Installation of Hugo and themes are omitted here. During development changes to content could be reflected in the resulting site by executing

hugo server -D  --port 8080  --bind="" --baseURL="http://localhost:8080/lammda
#  Local development 
baseURL = "http://localhost:8080/lammda"

#  Deployment on github pages 
baseURL = ""

#  Deployment on Kubernetes 
baseURL = ""

theme = "hugo-theme-techdoc"

#  Github pages only accepts public and docs as directory names  
publishdir    = "docs"

Markdown is popular among developers since the format can be generated by tools. For interactive content generation with spell checks etc, content should be generated from a simple user interface.

URL Comment
getlektor Local deployment, open source
tinaio Cloud service
Wordpress export Export Wordpress site to markdown
Nosad extracts content from gitlab Wiki and generates markdown



The most popular webserver is NGINX, but for deployment in Kubernetes there is no need for a complex project. Besides there is some issues how patches being included during build, I am also concerned about the KGB Raid.

LIGHTTPD is a simple and fast web server and is also useful for development of the bomresolver project since it support many build systems:

Deployment in modern clouds overlaps with functionality n standalone web servers. For high availability, it is simple to deploy many instances of pods that includes a small webserver together static content.
For Kubernetes each service deployed must have a path for routing.

In the picture below three different alternatives are listed for serviing static content.

4 Supply chain

lighttpd configuration

Serving Alpine packages Repository

server.modules += ("mod_access", "mod_accesslog", "mod_rewrite","mod_dirlisting")

dir-listing.external-css = "lighttpd-dir.css"
dir-listing.set-footer = "Packages are not signed for production"

url.rewrite-once = ( 
  "^/alpine/public/lighttpd-dir.css$"  => "/lighttpd-dir.css",
  "^/alpine/public/(.*)/lighttpd-dir.css$"  => "/lighttpd-dir.css",
  "^/alpine/public/(.*)/(.*)/lighttpd-dir.css$"  => "/lighttpd-dir.css",
  "^/alpine/public/(.*)/(.*)/(.*)/lighttpd-dir.css$"  => "/lighttpd-dir.css",
  "^/alpine/public$"  => "/",
  "^/alpine/public/$"  => "/",
  "^/alpine/public/(.*)/$"  => "/$1/",
  "^/alpine/public/(.*)/(.*)/$"  => "/$1/$2/",
  "^/alpine/public/(.*)/(.*)/(.*)/$"  => "/$1/$2/$3/",
  "^/alpine/public/(.*)/(.*)/(.*)/(.*)$"  => "/$1/$2/$3/$4"

Serving static website Kubernetes

server.modules += ("mod_access", "mod_accesslog", "mod_rewrite","mod_dirlisting")

url.rewrite-once = ( 

  "^/lammda/(.*)"  => "/$1"